March 1st, 2nd, and 3rd 2019

Tickets are not sold out! Don’t worry, we reserved 300 passes to sell at the door. See day-of ticket pricing here. Only online pre sales tickets have sold out. We believe that in order to preserve the experience of the event we need to limit the number passes, and of course you are still welcome to attend for free as long as you do not use shuttles/demo bikes. If you already bought your pass online you are good to go. There is no secondary demo/shuttle pass; you already have it.

The Sedona Mountain Bike Festival Team is dedicated to two things. Making sure that you have the best time at the festival, and taking care of the trails. The snowfall that we received last week is melting fast and conditions are changing by the minute; in fact by the time you read this email, conditions will have changed even more. We know a few things for sure at this point. The current forecast has sun and warming conditions for the next few days. The festival grounds are clear and there will be an amazing bike expo with over 90 brands attending. The beer garden and music will be top notch and the grass in front of the stage is nearly dry already! The food trucks are prepping and will be ready for you. All of the extra fun stuff we added this year like the Bike Magazine Movie Night and after party, Zoic Tricycle Race, and Ryan Leach Bunny Hop Contest will be awesome.

We also know that there are going to be trails that are too muddy to ride. Some trails that you really want to ride like Hiline, Hogs, and Hangover are predicted to be too muddy and the parts that do not receive a lot of sun may still have snow. Other trails will be ok like Ridge, Old Post, Carroll Canyon, Sketch, Andante, Thunder Mountain, Brewer, and more. We are hoping to add more to this list as the week goes on. The Sedona bike park will also be open thanks to a great group of volunteers who have been working tirelessly to make sure that it is in prime condition. Shuttle routes and group rides are going to have to change. It is our responsibility as mountain bikers to put our best foot forward and not ride trails that are not ready to be ridden. We also do not want to trash demo bikes. At the event we will have real time information on what trails are ready to ride and where the shuttles will be going since the conditions are changing so rapidly. We are going to have an amazing party with all of our friends, but we are going to have to pass on some of our favorite trails this weekend. In Sedona though, we’re lucky enough that there are still plenty of other options.

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