Cancellation Policy

We do not offer cancellations due to bad weather or for any other reason.

While we wish we could control the weather we can not and still need to put on a rocking event for those who are tough enough to come enjoy the Sedona Mountain Bike Festival in fowl weather. The weather in March is historically in the mid 60f range. Thank you for supporting the event by purchasing a pass in advance, it is people like you that allow us to do more fun things at the event and make things even better.

What happens if the weather is bad?

This all depends on how bad the weather is. Here in Sedona, we’re lucky enough to have soil and rock that dry out very quickly. We keep in constant communication with the Forest Service leading up to the event and will communicate current conditions to all on our mailing list (sign up @ and through our social media.  

Keep in mind that not all moisture is bad in the desert. It is common that a rain storm mid week leading up to the event can actually make weekend conditions even better.  

However, we do not want to cause damage to trails. If conditions are too bad to ride we will not offer shuttles or send out demo bikes until the Forest Service gives the green light to do so. 

One thing is certain: we will still host a great event. The music will play, beer garden will be open, exhibitors will show their goods and various activities will still go on. In short, rain or shine, there will always be lots of fun to be had. In extreme cases it is possible that we could cancel a day or more of the event. Even in the event of a cancellation we can not offer a refund.


This event is a major fund raiser for the Verde Valley Cyclists Coalition. The last thing we want to do is go out and mess up the trails and all of the hard work that these groups and the Forest Service put in. We ask that you help us in being responsible mountain bikers who are stewards of the land and do not ride when the conditions don’t allow.