2022 Band Schedule:

        • Friday

          1:30-3:30 pm Red Rocks Charlie B on the main stage

          • Short DescriptionLocal Mountain Biker and former lead singer and guitarist of Dyslexic Head, Charlie Bezilla, AKA Red Rocks Charlie B, brings his one-man-band experience to the Sedona Mountain Bike Festival.  Charlie B provides a live music experience that you don’t see too often.  Not only is the music entertaining, but watching him set up each song by playing each instrument live, your ears will swear that you are listening to a full band.  Charlie B is known for his diverse set lists drawing from many genres such as Alternative, Hard Rock, Country, Classic Rock. Reggae and Pop, so there is something for everyone at his shows.  
          • InfluencesPearl Jam, Alice in Chains, Queens of the Stone Age, The Cult, The Clash, Nirvana, STP, Radiohead, Pink Floyd, Tool, The Cure, The Sex Pistols, Johnny Cash, Neil Young, John Denver, and Elvis to name a few
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          4:00-6:00 pm Dusty Tuffet on the Main Stage

          • Short Description Dusty Tuffet is an Americana string band with a unique take on songs old and new.  An upbeat five-piece string band that plays rock, country, folk, and bluegrass, but unlike other string bands, play rock/pop songs from U2, The Cars, Amy Winehouse, The Cure, Radiohead, Guns & Roses, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Cheap Trick, Bonnie Raitt, Zac Brown Band, Queen, The Beatles, Elton John and many more.  Dusty Tuffet’s sound is lively, unique but familiar and entertaining to all age groups.
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          1:30-3:30 pm The James Brown Band Band on the Main Stage

          • Short DescriptionThe James Brown Band Band is psychedelic instrumental rock and roll from Flagstaff Arizona
          • InfluencesEarthless, Ween, Tortoise, and Cameo
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          4:00-6:00 pm Spicy Loops  on the Main Stage

          • Short DescriptionFlamenco Americana from Austin, Texas that has been enjoyed all over the Southwest. Passionate about many genres, Spicy Loops incorporates jazz, reggae, and pop into their shows. Their live sound features a variety of pedals and looping effects that achieve a fully-produced sound. Often tuning in 528Hz, Spicy Loops give their audience an experience meant to achieve a relaxing & harmonious moment in time.
          • InfluencesOttmar Liebert, Jesse Cook, Daft Punk, and Charlie Puth.
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          1:00-3:00 pm Morning Embers on the main stage

          3:30-5:30 pm VeloValo on the Main Stage

          • Short DescriptionArizona-based band VeloValo has developed a unique and powerful style best described as Prog-Pop.
          • InfluencesWeen, Mastodon, Kings Of Leon, Explosions In the Sky, Interpol
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