1:30pm-3:30pm The Stratmores on the Main Stage

  • Short Description – The Stratmores, bring a refreshingly pure rock and roll tone to a high energy set. The band’s influences blend old classic rock with modern garage rock, and the simple combo of guitar, bass, vocals, and drums showcase rock and roll at its core.
  • Influences – The kinks, Rival Sons, Ray Charles.
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4:00pm-6:00pm Dead Country Gentlemen

  • Short Description – Hard hitting duo Dead Country Gentlemen combine octave fuzz riff driven blues with lyrics about death, ghosts, magic and love loss to deliver heartfelt shows that reflect their unsettling lyrics.
  • InfluencesBlack Pistol Fire, White Stripes, Death From Above, ’68, Royal Blood, The Pack AD
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1:30pm-3:30pm Planet Sandwich on the Main Stage

  • Short Description – Planet Sandwich is an original American rock band based in Flagstaff Arizona. A party-mix of beatle-esque pop, 90s rock, ska and country.
  • Influences – The Replacements, Pixies, Ween, Primus, Elvis Costello, U2, Beck, Janes Addiction
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4:00-6:00pm Decker on the Main Stage

  • For seven years running, decker. has been recording and performing some of the most vital music to be released from America’s Southwest. The music is clearly drawn from the land itself—all that is at once comforting, eerie, haunting, healing, harsh and beautiful. He carves something unique out of the essence he grasps in his red rock home of Sedona, Arizona—a land of red clay mountains and vortexes. The music takes on a spiritual mantle, a deeper, ancient calling rooted to the land itself, tapping into the mysticism of old, weird America, divining its power, resurrecting what he sees fit and crafting it into musical odysseys of treachery, redemption, enlightenment and tenacity.
  • “gives Jack White a run for his money with it’s fevered guitar licks, crashing drums, and bluesy storytelling. It’s a foot-to-the-pedal, full speed ahead kind of track and it’s exhilarating” – KEXP Song of the Day


1:30- 3:30pm Invincible Grins on the Main Stage

  • Short Description – A 5 piece band playing “funked-up” folk music…it’s like Woody Guthrie meets Tom Waits…at a keg party hosted by Charles Bukowski.
  • Bio – Born in the Verde Valley of Arizona, The Invincible Grins fuse eclecticism with unbridled enthusiasm, creating a unique and … See More
  • Artists We Also Like – Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes
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4:00pm-6:00pm Naughty Bits band on the main stage

  • Short Description – Yin Yang & Zen Some presents….The Naughty Bits! Northern Arizona’s newest, naughtiest, rock n’ roll band.
  • Artists We Also Like – Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Doors, Mastodon, Led Zeppelin, Miles Davis, Vanilla Fudge, Sonny Boy Williamson (a must hear!!)
  • Influences –The Dead Weather, Tom Waits, Kings of Leon, Montrose, Wolfmother, Frank Zappa….
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