How the Shuttles Work

Hermosa Tours ( will be providing shuttles for those folks who have purchased an Event Pass. Shuttles will begin at 10am each morning and the last shuttle will depart at 3pm. We HIGHLY recommend you visit the Trail Info booth and have your ride plan dialed in before getting on the shuttle. Your shuttle driver will do his/her best to help, but time is limited.


Below are the shuttle stops and how they work (Please Read!!!):

  1. Village of Oak Creek – We will be running (2) vans to and from Village of Oak Creek with a stop at Broken Arrow Trailhead as well. Outbound: stop at Broken Arrow (popular rides/areas like Hogs, Chicken Point, etc) and then onto Yavapai Vista (access for Slim Shady, Hiline, Easy Breezy, etc). Inbound: on the way back we will once again stop at Broken Arrow for anyone wanting to hitch a ride back to the Festival. If you finish a loop at Yavapai Vista you are also welcome to jump back on there for a return to the Festival.

  2. Chuckwagon Trailhead – With the relocation of the Festival to the Posse grounds in 2016 this will be a much shorter trip, but still a great shuttle. Outbound: the shuttle will go directly to the Chuckwagon Trailhead where popular rides/trails like Chuckwagon, Mescal, Aerie, Canyon of Fools, Anaconda and Snake can be accessed. Inbound: same as outbound. Feel free to get back to the Chuckwagon Trailhead and hop a ride back to the festival.

Rounding up the Herd

The world is an imperfect place and so is our plan for making sure everyone gets a ride back. That said, the final departure is 3pm, but the final RETURN will be til dusk. We’ll keep swinging out to the various trailheads above until just before dark if you want a ride back to the Festival. Please keep in mind there are no guarantees here: you might finish in a spot and not get a van. The most likely place for this to happen will be Village of Oak Creek due to its proximity to the Festival, so be mindful of your ride time. From the bottom of Schnebly Hill Rd and from Chuckwagon Trailhead you’re not really very far, so don’t hesitate to pedal on back. Feel free to tell your shuttle driver that you’re hoping for a ride back when you’re dropped off.